Car Aerodynamics

Aerodynamics is the study of moving air over a body in motion. Airflow will affect the body’s movement through the flow. Car aerodynamics is used to make safer and more fuel efficient. It is primarily used in race car design where high speeds is needed.

The car designers have considering in aerodynamics theory to get a good car. The expensive cars must be having a good aerodynamic design. The main concern to improve aerodynamics efficiency is reducing the coefficient of drag.

In recent days we must concern about expensive fuel and inefficient vehicles.
Most of the information about car aerodynamics seems to be centered around generating downforce. This may be needed for race cars, the average 3000+ pound car driving at speeds below 90 MPH it does not need to be concerned with downforce. If you are trying to improve the efficiency of your vehicles, reducing the coefficient of drag (Cd) should be the main concern.
For normal condition estimation drive use about 15% of the total energy to be required to push down the street, tire friction about 25%, and air drag is about 60%.




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