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Electrical engineering blog (http://engineering.electrical-equipment.org/) is an experience launched by a group of enthusiast’s experts in the field of electrical and energy management(mainly according IEC standards). These passionate people want to share their current experience as well as their questions about the future within a blog in order to suggest reactions from others and to discover new concrete ideas. We believe that we can attract and involve the designers & the consultants whatever position they have : suppliers, customers, independent experts and institutions experts. Obviously it is an English speaking blog, so far we have many exchanges with Asia and Europe, all countries are more than welcome… The objective is the promotion of ideas, openness to all point of views; this is not a space to promote products and services. We started nearly 3 months ago and are proud to register a very important number of visits, (40,000 today) with many comments, some being of high quality. Today we have 9 categories of articles, including 5 in energy efficiency, a major topic for everybody but also 4 categories on more traditional issues such as electrical distribution, design software’s …. We also wish to bring teaching tips web (Web2.0) well known by young pro on the web and probably less known by some experienced people that will be the main contributors of this blog. We are open to trade links with other blogs, forums and sites under the condition they are of high quality and relevant. You can subscribe to the newsletter of the blog that is sent every month. To comment on an article, it is direct and easy without any priori validation. To post an article, simply contact (engineering@electrical-equipment.org) the moderator of the blog who is Francois B.


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  2. I'm always messed up with blue and purple, green and brown.I think i get a little bit color blindness.But my dream is being an electrical engineering and I'm pursuing it. So can i become an electrical engineering?

  3. I just purchased an energy saving device off Ebay. I had heard of the KVAR brand units but when I surfed the web and called the company, I couldn’t get specs for the product. So I went to Ebay and I ordered a unit out of Honk Kong with advertised good specs if you can believe what is stated on Ebay. The unit looks as good as any but on careful inspection after receipt, I noted it didn’t say where it was made. I decided to open the box to see how the electronics were configured and I was surprised by the simplicity of the device. It was clear to me that I would see a two capacitor device but I expected a circuit board with overload… What I found appears to be two capacitors hooked to a monitor light for the front of the box attached by a variety of wires and nothing else. I have pictures for your review if they will help. Here is what is advertised for specs that I have doubt the box will do but I don’t want to confront the seller or Ebay without a second and third reliable opinion.Advertised specs that I don’t see how are possible ( full list can be posted upon request ):1. double insulated2. Surge Suppression – 6500 Joules3. Let Through Voltage – 150V Line-To-Neutral4. Spike Protector: Utility Spike And Electrical / Lightning Storms5. Transient Noise Reduction: MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor)6. … Thermal & Overload Protectionhere is just a start of my concern: it says double insulated. There are three wires for the 220/240 VAC installation ( two red and one green wire ). As you would expect, one red wire goes to each 120vac leg of your electric panel and the green goes to the ground bus. Well in the box, the green wire comes into the all metal box and goes to a bolt that hold a flat metal crush clap over the two caps. So, when you look at #3 above to read 150V line to neutral, one would think that if the transient voltage stays too long over 150VAc on one of the legs, that energy will be diverted to the ground wire to protect what you have plugged in within your home. But as you can see, with the way it is designed, if that ground wire does not make a good contact with the home’s ground bus then the exterior of the box could be hot. But I don’t see how #3 is possible anyway with no circuit board to clap the voltage to the 150vac to start. So, how could this unit be double insulated? I need an elect engineers opinion so I know if I am looking at this list correctly. With no circuit board or other discrete component- where is the MOV of # 5 or how is #6 possible?

  4. waduh waduh atuh eta mah sae pisannya mang tujuanana, da utamina blog teh kan kangge buga-bagi tukar tukeur kita lah, dan pami teu buga-bagi mah kangge naon atuh gaduh atanapi ngadamel blog teh nya mang. teras etah rekomendasi blog EEE-na oge atuh sae pisannya mang, iraha atuh nya sim kuring oge gaduh pangunjung anu nyampe kana angka opat puluh rebu per dinten teh nya mang, duh duh duh ngimpi panginten nya mang abi gaduh pangunjung sampe sakitu mah heu heu heu *gedeblug*

  5. Recently I got a add from a university on Post graduate diploma course in energy management.What kind of jobs i can expect or look into and any other recommendations.

  6. I had heard of the KVAR brand units but when I surfed the web and called the company, I couldn’t get specs for the product. So I went to Ebay and I ordered a unit out of Honk Kong with advertised good specs if you can believe what is stated on Ebay.

  7. Let's say a home only had one particular light and a person pc and individuals were the only points used with electricity.Which a single consumes more electricity if left on all night and day?

  8. Let's say a residence only had a person light and one particular pc and those were the only things employed with electric power.Which a person consumes more electrical energy if left on all night and day?

  9. ou would expect, one red wire goes to each 120vac leg of your electric panel and the green goes to the ground bus. Well in the box, the green wire comes into the all metal box and goes to a bolt that hold a flat metal crush clap over the two caps. ffxiv gil

  10. I plan to go into electrical engineering, I was wondering, would experiece allow me to be able to build electronic devices on my own? I want to be able to have fun on my own free time, building or designing electronic devices and such. Would a degree in electrical engineering help me, if not what area can help me?

  11. For many engineers, technical work accounts for only a fraction of the work they do. A lot of time may also be spent on tasks such as discussing proposals with clients, preparing budgets and determining project schedules.[30] Many senior engineers manage a team of technicians or other engineers and for this reason project management skills are important.

  12. guys right now i live in USA and i am in 12th grade and next year i am planning to go to a university here in USA and get my bachelors degree in electrical engineering in 4 years. after 4 years of my studying i will work in US for a while and than i am planning to come back to india. what do u guys think can i get a good job after doing electrical engineering in India. i am thinking of going to mumbai because they have big companies overthere or an suggestions you guys want to give me

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  19. Excellently amazing and exciting too. Can you please mention me the source of your reference… I am happy that at least somebody gave this subject an attention.

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  22. Electrical engineering may include electronic engineering. Where a distinction is made, usually outside of the United States, electrical engineering is considered to deal with the problems associated with large-scale electrical systems…

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  24. Network Analysis for electric circuits are the different useful techniques related to several currents, emfs, and resistance voltages in such circuit.

  25. Great post! I love learning about electrical engineering. Incidentally, I worked as an architect in one of the contractors who handle the affairs of electrical and mechanical. I hope I can find info on electrical again in your posts. Good job

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