Engineering Tips

An engineer is a person professionally engaged in a field of engineering.

Engineering is the discipline and profession of applying technical and scientific knowledge and utilizing natural laws and physical resources in order to design and implement materials, structures, machines, devices, systems, and processes that safely realize a desired objective and meet specified criteria


5 must have tips to be a good engineer. Please read the following tips.

Keep up

* Learn to manage your time and avoid procrastinating
* Make tasks fit into the time that you have to do them
* Do some work on every course every week; learn as you go
* Do some problems every day
* Plug gaps and ask questions about what you don’t understand every week
* If you fall behind, jump in where the teacher is and backtrack later

Be an active learner
* Before class, go over notes from the previous class and preview the textbook chapter
* After class, go over your notes and fill in missing info; work the problems the teacher did in class; get help if you don’t understand
* After solving a problem, summarize the steps in words
* After solving a series of problems at the end of a chapter, organize problems by types and procedures (Get the Big Picture)

Study smart: Quality time is more important than quantity time

* Spend time on value activities, i.e. spend more time doing problems than reading the textbook
* Be selective; focus on priorities in a course
* If you get stuck on a problem, get help, then or later; don’t spend too long trying to figure it out yourself
* Prepare for an exam by doing problems without your notes in a time limit; know when you know by testing yourself

Use as many resources as possible
* Get to know other students in your class and work with them
* Get to know your teacher and use his/her office hours
* Check out other textbooks or self-help material from the library or book store if you are having difficulties
* Get other students’ phone numbers or emails so you can contact them easily when you have difficulty or miss class
* Use Student Services, including Counselling and Development

Reverse Engineer Something to Learn about What it Does and How it Works

Yet another way to provide engineering content and/or context is to provide students with something that has already been built and challenge them to figure out how it works. To do this, students might take something apart physically in the classroom, or simply examine in detail how something is designed in order to understand why it was designed that way. This approach provides the opportunity for students to think about ways to make it better (improve the design)

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